The public is advised that information contained on the website is misleading, and that the following individual and companies are not licensed to conduct international/offshore financial services business in any capacity, in and from within Nevis:

Malchus Irvin R. Boncamper
A.F.M. Trust and Corporate Ltd
AFM Trust & Corporate Services
A.F.M. Services Group

Please note that Registered Agents, Service Providers, Insurance Managers and other functionaries within the international/offshore financial services industry in Nevis are subject to separate and specific licensing by the Ministry of Finance, Nevis Island Administration. None of the above named have been granted such licenses. AFM Trusts and Corporate Services Ltd and Accounting and Financial Management Services Ltd are incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1999 and are only allowed to conduct onshore/local business.

We therefore advise persons viewing the website and proposing to do business in respect of Nevis international business companies, limited liability companies, trusts and multiform foundations, to exercise great caution.

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