NB: This list is not exhaustive and is subject to amendment from time to time.

The words and phrases listed below, including any derivative or cognate term of the said word and phrases, whether or not spaced, in brackets or punctuated or are in the singular or plural or any combination thereof, or any word or words as may be in the opinion of the Registrars be similar thereto, are considered as restricted/prohibited words and phrases.

When a name has been reserved and no Certificate of Name Reservation has been issued, the Registrars reserve the right to reject any name submitted, prior to incorporation, should they become aware of circumstances which would make the use of the name undesirable or it is in the best interests of the jurisdiction to do so.

Religious words or words with religious connations will be assessed on a case by case basis, but are generally not desired.

The phrase ‘Precious Metals and Stones’ denotes all precious metals and precious stones.

Annuity Life
Assurance Mutual
Assurer Mutual Fund
Bronze Nevis
Captive Prudential
Casualty Queen
Charitable Reassurance
Charity Reassurer
Charter Reinsurance
FDN Reinsurer
Fiduciary Risk
Finance Risk Management
Financial Royal
Foundation Silver
Fund Surety
Funding Trade
Gold Trust Company
Guarantee Trust Corporation
Guaranteed Trustee
Hedge Trustee Company
Hedge Fund Underwrite
Indemnity Underwriter
Insurance Underwriting
Insurer ‘Precious Metals and Stones’
Association Crown Lottery Secured
Authority Companies Registry Majesty Securities
Banc Company Registry Ministry Sovereign
Banco Commission Monetary St. Christopher
Bancorp Currency Money St. Christopher and Nevis
Bancshare Deposit Moneymaker St. Kitts
Bank Depository Money Services St. Kitts and Nevis
Banker E-Commerce Mortgage Treasurer
Banque Exchange Municipal Treasury
Betting Equities National University
Broker Federation Offshore
Brokerage Foreign Exchange Onshore
Building Society Forex Parliament
Bureau FX Partnership
Casino Gambling Payment
Cash Gaming Police
Change God Register
Church Government Registered
College Governor Registrar
Cooperative HMS Regulator
Cooperative Society Institution Regulatory
Council Lending Savings
Credit Loan Scheme
Credit Union Lotto School
Agency Club Friendly Society Insurer
Association Collective Fund Investigation
Assurance College Gambling King
Assurer Commission Gaming Kittitian
Authority Committee Giro Licensed
Bank Company God Licensee
Banker Consolidated Gold Licentiate
Banking Co-operative Government Limited
Barrister Corporate Governor Loan
Beneficial Corporation Group Majesty
Benevolent Council Guarantee Money
Board Credit Union Guaranteed Mortgage
Broker Deposit Health Municipal
Brokerage Depository Highness Mutual
Bronze Divine Holding National
Cash Divinity Holiness Nevis
Casino Doctor Holy Nevisian
Casualty Duchess Hospital Nursing
Chamber Duke Imperial Offshore
Charitable Exchange Incorporated Onshore
Charity Federation Indemnity Parliament
Charter Finance Institute Parliament
Chartered Financial Institution Partnership
Clinic Firm Insurance Patent