Part IV of the NLLCO offers direction on the formation of LLCs.

The organisation of an LLC must be carried out by a duly licensed registered agent. The formation may be achieved in twenty four (24) hours.

  1. The name of limited liability company may be reserved.
  2. The registered agent files the Articles of Organisation with the Registrar of Companies.
  3. The Articles of Organisation must include the following:
    1. the name of the limited liability company;
    2. the authenticated translation of the name of the limited liability company, if it is so registered;
    3. a statement that the limited liability company is formed under this Ordinance;
    4. the latest date on which the limited liability company is to dissolve, or if the limited liability company shall have unlimited duration;
    5. the name of the registered agent of the limited liability company;
    6. the registered office address of the limited liability company in Nevis which shall be the registered office of its registered agent;
    7. whether the limited liability company is managed by managers exclusive of the members or by all of the members in their capacity as members;
    8. the purposes for which the limited liability company is formed;
    9. the name and address of each organiser of the limited liability company.
Type of Document XCD USD
Articles of Organization    675.00    250.00
Articles of Organization with Operating Agreement as exhibit    810.00    300.00
Endorsement Certificate      27.00      10.00
Articles of Amendment    432.00    160.00
Annual Renewal Fee    675.00    250.00
Restated Articles of Organisation    311.00     115.00
Articles of Dissolution    405.00    150.00
Certificate of Dissolution      27.00      10.00
Articles of Merger/Consolidation/Conversion    932.00    345.00
Certificate of Renewal      27.00      10.00
Certificate of Good Standing      95.00      35.00
Voluntary Filings    108.00      40.00
Name Reservation      80.00      30.00
Renewal of Name Reservation      80.00      30.00
Certified True Copies of Filed Documents
(Including first 3 pages)
     27.00      10.00
Each additional page        2.00        0.75
Copies of Filed Documents (per page)        2.00        0.75
Certificate of Certifying True Copy of file documents      68.00      25.00
Filing Notice of Change of Registered Office/Agent    100.00      37.00
Apostille      68.00      25.00
Transfer of Domicile to Nevis    702.00    260.00
Certificate of Departure    702.00    260.00
Emergency Transfer of Domicile to Nevis    932.00    345.00
Conversion of Nevis Business Corporation to Company    608.00    225.00
Tax Exemption Letter     176.00      65.00
Any Other Certificate       68.00      25.00
 Penalty for late filing of Annual Fees
   -(First six months)      311.00     115.00
   -(After six months)     675.00    250.00
Reinstatement Fee/Restoration Fee     540.00    200.00
Certificate of Correction     270.00    100.00
Miscellaneous Letter      135.00      50.00
Company Search ( includes inspection only)        27.00      10.00
Company Search Report        55.00      20.00
Administrative Fee (rush requests, re-application of fees request etc.)       80.00      30.00
Acceptance of Service of Process by the Registrar      162.00      60.00
Certificate of Formation        27.00       10.00
Application for Registration of a Charge      540.00    200.00
Application for Variation of a Registered Charge      432.00     160.00
Registration of Satisfaction of a Registered Charge      270.00     100.00
Filing Notice of Resignation of Registered Agent      100.00        37.00
Certificate of Continuation        27.00        10.00
Issuing a Statement/Declaration of Involuntary Dissolution        27.00       10.00
Application fee for licence for administrative office  5,400.00  2,000.00
Annual renewal of licence for administrative office  5,400.00  2,000.00
Failure to obtain or designate a new Registered Agent  1,350.00     500.00