Part 7, Section 36 of the NIETO outlines the registration process for Trusts.

The registration of a Trust must be carried out by a registered agent, such as an attorney or local management company. An application for entry on the register of International Trusts shall be made in a manner and form prescribed by the Registrar. The application shall be accompanied by:

  1. The prescribed fee
  2. Notice of the name and registered office of the Trust
  3. Undertaking that Trust document has been read and it conforms with NIETO
  4. Name of the Trustee – one of the trustees has to be a corporation incorporated under the NBCO or a trust company doing business in Nevis
  5. A certificate from a trustee company, a barrister or solicitor certifying:-
    1. That the trust upon registration will be an international trust
    2. The date on which the Trust was created, settled or established
    3. In the case of a qualified foreign trust, the law under which the trust was settled
    4. Where the governing law is changed to the law of Nevis, that the trust is registered as a qualified foreign trust and the date of its registration
    5. (a) There has been no changes made to the International Trust
      (b) There is no illegal activity perpetuated by the Trust and/or
      (c) Pending litigation against the Trust
Type of Document XCD USD
Registration Fee (International Exempt Trust) 675.00 250.00
Registration Fee (Qualified Foreign Trust) 675.00 250.00
Certificate of Registration  27.00  10.00
Annual Renewal Fee 675.00 250.00
Certificate of Renewal of Registration  27.00  10.00
Penalty for Late Renewal 675.00 250.00
Reinstatement/Restoration Fee 540.00 200.00
Certificate of Good Standing  95.00  35.00
Voluntary Filings 108.00  40.00
Termination of Trust 135.00  50.00
Apostille  68.00  25.00
Miscellaneous Letter 135.00  50.00
Administrative Fee (rush requests, re-application of fees request etc.)  80.00  30.00
Re-registration/Restoration Fee 540.00 200.00
Filing Notice of Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office 100.00  37.00
Filing Notice of Change of Trustee  68.00  25.00
Name Reservation  80.00  30.00
Renewal of Name Reservation  80.00  30.00
Certified True Copies of Filed Documents (Including first 3 pages)  27.00  10.00
Each Additional Page   2.00   0.75
Certificate Certifying True Copy  68.00  25.00
Filing Notice of Change of Name/Amendment 405.00 150.00