The Financial Services Regulatory Commission was established to regulate providers of financial services except for financial services covered by the Banking Act. It is the ultimate regulatory body for anti-money laundering for St. Kitts and Nevis. The Commission for the purpose of carrying out its function is divided into two operational departments, one located in Saint Kitts and the other in Nevis.

The Nevis Financial Services Regulation and Supervision Department is the Nevis Branch of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission and is the agency responsible for authorising and licensing companies or persons to conduct financial services business and for monitoring regulated financial services activities to safeguard the public against any illegal and or unauthorised financial services business operating within or from Nevis.

Through the Corporate Registry, the Nevis Branch of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission is also responsible for the registration of all international companies, for the formation of trusts and foundations and international insurance companies.

Our Mission

To promote good governance and accountability in a strong regulatory environment, aimed at protecting and strengthening the reputation and viability of the Nevis Financial Services Industry.


The Nevis Financial Services Department is responsible for the regulation and supervision of financial services business conducted within and from Nevis. The Department maintains accountability through regular reporting to the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Services Regulatory Commission.