Issue no.DateTopic
1October 2012Client Acceptance Procedures
2November 2012Guidelines for Appointment of Auditors
3January 2013Identification Procedures in Relation to Introduced Persons
4February 2013Procedures for Change of Registered Agent & Restoration of Entities
5March 2013Becoming a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
6April 2013Developing a Risk Based Compliance Program
7May 2013Detecting and Reporting Suspicious Activities
8June 2013Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Risk
9July 2013Governance, Risk, Management & Compliance (GRC)
10August 2013How to Achieve Better Corporate Governance Vol.1
11September 2013Mutual Exchange of Information on Taxation Matters
12October 2013Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
13November 2013Customer Due Diligence (CDD) cont’d
14December 2013The Year 2013 in Review
15January 2014Transparency & Beneficial Ownership of Legal Persons
16February 2014Training
17March 2014Recap of 2014 Seminar / Plans for 30th Anniversary Celebrations / FATCA
18April 2014Plans for 30th Anniversary Celebrations/Policy & Procedures Tips/ 1st Quarter Statistics
19May 2014Developing an AML/CFT Compliance Programme
20June 2014How to Become a Licensed Registered Agent for International Insurance
21July 2014Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs)
22August 2014Confidentiality
23September 2014High Risks Factors in AML/CFT / Reporting Requirements / Fees
24October 2014Good Auditing Principles  & Characteristics
25November 2014Assessing Risks in Business Relationships
26December 20142014 Year in Review
27January 2015Reporting Requirements for Regulated Entities
28February 20152015 AML/CFT Seminar &Training Workshop
29March 2015Recap of 2015 Seminar & Minimum Guidelines for the Role & Appointment of Compliance/ Reporting Officers
30April 2015Minimum Guidelines for the Role & Appointment of Compliance & Reporting Officers
31May 2015Customer Identification Program
32June 2015Verification Methods
32AJuly 2015The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
33August 2015AML/CFT Onsite Inspection Programme
34September 2015AML/ CFT Onsite Inspection Programme – Part II
35October 2015Preparing for the 4th Round of the CFATF Mutual Evaluation Process
36November 2015Politically Exposed Persons & Enhanced Due Diligence
37December 20152015 Year in Review
38January 2016Automatic Exchange of Information
39February 2016New Standard for Supervision of Trust and Corporate Service Providers
40March 2016Recap of 2016 AML/CFT Workshop & RISK Based Supervisory Framework
41April 2016AML/CFT Guidelines for Banks
42May 2016Licensing & Ongoing Supervisory Framework for Insurance Companies
43June 2016Licensing & Ongoing Supervisory Compliance Framework for Insurance Companies Part II – Compliance with FATF Recommendations
44July 2016AML/CFT Guidelines for Money Services Businesses
45August 2016AML/CFT Guidelines for Money Services Businesses
46September 2016Financial Information Month 2016
47October 2016Effective AML/CFT Controls
48November 2016How to undertake a Risk Assessment
49December 20162016 Year In Review
50January 2017Global Forum and CFATF Update (Part 1)
51February 2017Global Forum and CFATF Update (Part 2)
52March 2017Recap of 2017 AML/ CFT Awareness Seminar and Training Workshop
53April 2017Beneficial Ownership
54May 2017Fitness & Propriety
55June 2017Guidelines for Independent Internal AML/CFT Audit
56July 2017The Revised Ordinances: NBCO 2017 and NLLCO 2017
57August 2017Other Notable Changes (Part 1) – NBCO 2017 and NLLCO 2017
58September 2017Other Notable Changes (Part 2) – NBCO 2017 and NLLCO 2017
59October 2017Record-Keeping Procedures
60November 2017Global Forum & CFATF Update
61December 20172017 Year In Review
62January 2018Legalisation by Apostille
63February 2018Know Your Employees
64March 20182018 AML/CFT Awareness Seminar & Training Workshop
65April 2018Ongoing Monitoring
66May 2018Virtual Currencies
67June 2018Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
68July 2018National Risk Assessment (NRA
69August 2018Correspondent Banking
70September 2018Anti-Corruption and Bribery
71October 2018Financial Information Month
72November 2018Trade based money laundering
73December 20182018 Year In Review
74January 2019Regulation of Virtual Assets
75February 20192019 AML/CFT Conference
76March 2019Recap of 2019 AML/CFT Conference
77April 2019BEPS and its impact on the Financial Services Industry
78May 2019Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)
79June 2019Keys in Preparing an Effective Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
80July 2019Identifying Suspicious Transactions/Activities
81August 2019The Mutual Evaluation
82September 2019Financial Information Month (FIM) 2019
83October 2019Targeted Financial Sanctions – Terrorism and Terrorist Financing
84November 2019Targeted Financial Sanctions – Terrorism and Terrorist Financing (Cont’d)
85December 20192019 Year in Review
86January 2020Legislative Updates
87February 2020Information on the CFATF Mutual Evaluation & The National Risk Assessment
88March 2020Coronavirus(Covid-19) and its Impact on AML/CFT Programmes
89Second Quarter 2020AML/CFT On-Site Examinations (Areas of Improvement)
90Third Quarter 2020Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud – Red Flags
91Fourth Quarter 2020An Introduction to the Corporate Registry Integrated Search System (CRISS)
92December 2020The Year In Review
93First Quarter 2021Legislative Updates (Part II)
94Second Quarter 2021AML/CFT Onsite Examinations (Areas of Improvement) Part II
95Third Quarter 2021The Advantages of conducting an Enterprise-wide Risk Assessment
96Fourth Quarter 20212021 Year In Review
97First Quarter 2022The Nevis Trust and Corporate Service Providers (TCSPs) Updated Sectoral Risk Summary (Parts 1 and 2)